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LaRue Motorsports is your link into the world of automobile racing, specializing in the Spec Racer Ford.

Spec Racer Ford on the race track

Ever thought about driving a race car?  It's easier than you might have thought to get in the driver's seat.  One of the most popular cars in all of road racing, the Spec Racer Ford is an affordable, safe, high performance race car.  If you'd like to try driving one, you don't even need any training or safety equipment; we will provide everything you need for a fun day at the track.  You can even stage a private event for your company. 

With both amateur and professional racing series sanctioned by the SCCA, the Spec Racer Ford is a great place to start if you decide to pursue racing more seriously.  And whether you're pursuing a professional racing career, or looking for some occasional weekend fun, LaRue Motorsports is here to ensure that you and your car are well prepared, safe, and competitive.

Our new photo gallery is now online...we will be adding photos throughout the year, so be sure to keep checking back!

Spec Racer Ford

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Latest News

6/25/2002- Doubleheader Event added to 2002 Pro Spec Racer Schedule...
5/25/2002- Steve Stansfield wins at Pikes Peak...
2/28/2002- Daytona added to 2002 Pro Spec Racer Schedule...
2/17/2002- John Dunn wins from pole at Firebird...
2/16/2002- Craig Reeder wins again at Firebird...
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Recent Results

6/9/2002 La Junta Raceway

1. Kim Knapp
2. Ray LaRue
3. Steve Stansfield
4. Greg Reinacker
5. Brian St. Denis
6. Jim Christian
7. Shawn Gooding
8. John Dunn
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Upcoming Events
8/3/2002 - Double National
Second Creek Raceway
8/9/2002 - NASA Event
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
8/17/2002 - Regional/National
8/24/2002 - Double Regional
Second Creek Raceway
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