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The Spec Racer Ford is an enclosed wheel, open cockpit, purpose built race car. Power is by a Ford 1.9 liter, hemispherical head, 4 cylinder engine. With over 800 cars delivered, the SRF enjoys being the largest class of road racing cars within the SCCA and the country. The car is raced by amateurs and pros alike at such venues as Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Road America, Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, and many other tracks around the country.

Spec Racer Ford in the paddock

Every Spec Racer Ford is a one design, fixed specification car. Engines and transmissions are sealed to prevent enhancements. With all cars the same, a premium is put on driver ability and competition, not who spends the most money. The Spec Racer Ford has put an end to the constant search for the next costly improvement.


  • Tube Frame Chassis
  • Ford 1.9L fuel-injected, water cooled, SOHC 8-valve Hemi-head inline 4-cylinder
  • Ford 5-speed manual transmission
  • Custom exhaust
  • Electronic engine management system
  • 92" wheelbase
  • 1670 lbs. including driver
  • 3-piece fiberglass body
  • 105 HP (+/- approx. 3 HP)
  • 135 MPH top speed
  • Yokohama A008 tires, Front 185/60ZR13, Rear 205/60ZR13

Despite only having 105 HP, with a top speed of 135 MPH, the Spec Racer Ford can lap many courses faster than many production "supercars" such as Ferraris and Corvettes.


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