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Everyone who has raced cars knows that your crew can make the difference between running at the front of the pack, running at the back, or even not running at all.  The crew at LaRue Motorsports is highly skilled, very experienced, and more than capable of keeping your car running competitively.

At the end of the day, it's your crew that made the difference.


Ray LaRue - "The King" of Spec Racer Fords.  He's forgotten more about these cars than most people ever knew.

Mary LaRue - What can you say about Mary...without her, the whole operation would crumble. 

Nikki LaRue - The queen of the setup.  And not only does she give good string, but she's the first woman to drive a Spec Racer Ford in the Valvoline Runoffs.  She's also driven professionally in the 1999 Panoz Women's Global GT Series.

Michelle LaRue - She keeps the drivers in line, which isn't an easy job.  And yes, she also drives. 

Steve Ott - He's driven very successfully in the Pro Spec Racer series, and is regarded by many to be an up-and-coming driver.  And on top of that, he can pull a motor in less time than it takes for you to order a burger.  Or so. 

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