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Steve Stansfield wins at Pikes Peak
Saturday, May 25, 2002 - Pikes Peak International Raceway, Fountain, CO
Story courtesy Greg Reinacker

The Spec Racer Ford group took to the track in beautiful 75 degree weather for the first race of the 3-day weekend. On the pole was Kim Knapp with a 1:04.515, followed by Steve Stansfield (1:04.524) and Greg Reinacker (1:04.700). Brian St. Denis had a great start from row 3, and entered the first turn side-by-side with Knapp and Stansfield. Unfortunately, St. Denis and Knapp touched at the apex; this caused St. Denis to spin, and he was hit by Ron Jacobs, ending the race for both of them.

Stansfield took the lead immediately following the incident, and with a careful combination of fast times and defensive lines he was able to hold the lead through the end of the race. Knapp took a close second, and Reinacker, John Dunn, and James Lustman rounded out the top 5.

Kim Knapp had the fast time of the race, with a 1:04.202.

Complete results...


Daytona added to 2002 Pro Spec Racer Schedule
Thursday, February 28, 2002 - Centennial, CO


For more information contact: Kelby Krauss, SCCA Pro Racing, (303) 694-7223

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (February 28, 2002)—SCCA Pro Racing® announced today that it has added Daytona International Speedway to its 2002 Pro Spec Racer schedule. Round Eight is slated at Daytona, November 8-10, in a pairing with the Grand American Road Racing Association in the Grand-Am Finale Weekend. "We are very pleased to secure Daytona due to the unfortunate circumstances which lead to the cancellation of the Chicago Motor Speedway date," said Mitch Wright, SCCA Pro Racing Vice President and General Manager. "With this addition, the Pro Spec Racer series schedule is really shaping up.” The SCCA Pro Racing Pro Spec Racer series features identical, purpose-built SCCA Spec Racer open-cockpit, closed-wheel cars. The PSR is intended to provide very tight competition at reasonable costs. In 2002, the series will begin its ninth season of competition, offering up-and-coming drivers a chance to compete at a professional level on temporary street circuits, permanent road courses and ovals.

Updated Pro Spec Racer 2002 Dates (Subject to Change)

Date Event/Venue/Headliner

April 5-7* PIR Charity Weekend/Phoenix International Raceway/Phoenix, Ariz.
May 17-19 Victoria Day Weekend/Mosport International Raceway/Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada/Trans-Am
June 20-21 Dodge/Save Mart 350 Weekend/Sears Point Raceway/Sonoma, Calif./NASCAR Winston Cup Series
July 12-14 Circuit Ste Croix/St. Croix, Quebec, Canada
August 17-18 TBA
October 11-12 Burnham Boilers 200 Weekend/Lime Rock Park/Lakeville, Conn./NASCAR Busch North Series
October 25-27 Virginia International Raceway/Alton, Va./Trans-Am
November 8-10 Grand-Am Finale Weekend/Daytona International Speedway/Daytona Beach, Fla./Grand-Am


John Dunn wins from pole at Firebird
Sunday, February 17, 2002 - Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
Story courtesy John Dunn

There were only 9 cars in the field for Sunday's race. After an early morning 15 minute qualifying race, John Dunn sat on the pole and Karl Flessa was #2 as they led the field to the start for the 20 lap race. Dunn was able to keep the lead going to the first chicane and led from start to finish for his first ever victory. A lot of action was happening back in the field as Grant Langdon moved up from a 6th starting position to finish 2nd. The top 5 finishers for the race were John Dunn, Grant Langdon, Karl Flessa, Bernie Weber, and Steve Bostic.


Craig Reeder wins again at Firebird
Saturday, February 16, 2002 - Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
Story courtesy John Dunn

11 SRF's took to the grid on the 1.25 mile Firebird East course. The grid was determined after a 12 minute qualifying race. Craig Reeder won this qualifying race by half a car length over Grant Langdon. Craig and Grant led the field to the start of the 20 lap race. Grant got a better start and led for the first 19 laps with Craig in hot pursuit. On the last lap, and going side by side for several turns, Craig was able to get by Grant and take the checkered flag. Grant finished second by a car length. The top 5 finishers for the race were Craig Reeder, Grant Langdon, John Dunn, Karl Flessa and Bernie Weber. There were no times for the weekend as the transponder system was not set up for this track...only scoring.


LaRue cars finish well at Moroso
Monday, December 31, 2001 - West Palm Beach, FL
Story courtesy John Dunn

LaRue Motorsports had two cars entered in the Longest Night 2001 Enduro. #48 driven by Steve Ott, Nikki LaRue, Russ Lindeman and John Brumner. #33 was driven by John Dunn, Bernie Weber, Tim Gray, and Ray Curry. #48 qualified 2nd out of 39 cars with a time of 1:37.6 and #33 qualified 10th with a time of 1:40.5. There were 6 SRF's in the field and they were all in the Top 10. A Porsche sat on the pole with a time of 1:37.5. Car #48 experienced numerous wheel bearing failures (six of them) which really hurt their chances as you can see by the hour by hour position below. Car #33 went relatively unscathed except for a lost tail and a 1 lap penalty for passing under the yellow at night. A spec racer (#75 from Robinson Motor Sports) won the race with 759 laps. Car #33 finished 2nd overall (and 2nd in class) with 736 laps. Car #48 finished 21st overall (and 6th in class) with 665 laps because of all their problems. However, car #48 set the fastest race lap of 1:37.821 by Steve Ott on lap #7. Car #33's fastest race lap was 1:39.615 by Ray Curry on lap #605! As you can see, Car #33 lost by 23 laps and that was the number of pit stops by all the SRF teams. The winning team had great pitstops and they basically picked up a lap on us each time. The driver order for Car #33 was Dunn, Weber, Gray and Curry. The driver order for Car #48 was Ott, Lindeman, Brumner, and LaRue, but that changed toward the end as Steve Ott was injured when some hot grease burned his face and eye while changing a wheel bearing. Steve had to quit driving for the last 8 hours.

Hour      Car #48 Position     Car #33 Position
1 2 5
2 30 3
3 25 8
4 16 7
5 9 7
6 8 6
7 7 6
8 5 4
9 11 4
10 6 3
11 9 3
12 9 3
13 5 3
14 4 2
15 8 2
16 7 2
17 7 2
18 6 4
19 6 4
20 8 2
21 10 2
22 13 2
23 16 2
24 21 2


2001 Longest Night webcast
Thursday, December 27, 2001 - West Palm Beach, FL

George Corso and Dave Riddle will be webcasting an audio feed of the 2001 Longest Night of Moroso. The webcast will begin at 12:30 p.m., Saturday, December 29, 2001, and will include interviews and position updates. The webcast is available from


Fleming wins second straight in Phoenix
Sunday, December 09, 2001 - Phoenix Intl Raceway, Avondale, AZ
Story courtesy Seainn Hendricsen

Sunday started cool and windy. Fleming dominated for the second straight day in qualifying putting himself on the pole with a 1:09.3. He was followed by Knapp, Reinacker, Williams and Hendricsen. At the drop of the green flag there was a drag race going into turn one. There was incidental contact between Hendricsen and Reinacker as they tried to go 3 wide with Knapp into turn one. Reinacker ended up spinning and re-joined the race in about 18th position. Fleming again took off like a rocket with Knapp in 2nd, Hendricsen in 3rd and Williams in 4th. Up front Fleming just walked away and Knapp did the same from 3rd and 4th. Hendricsen and Williams had a great battle the whole race; Williams would pass down the front stretch with Hendricsen counterattacking by passing back going into turn 2. Hendricsen finally edged out Williams for 3rd place. The battle behind them was just as good with Reinacker coming back up through the field to finish 5th position. The top 4 were Fleming, Knapp, Hendricsen and Williams. Fleming again set the fast time of the day..

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Fleming wins at Phoenix
Saturday, December 08, 2001 - Phoenix Intl Raceway, Avondale, AZ
Story courtesy Seainn Hendricsen

The day started out cool and windy with the temperatures in the mid 60’s. After qualifying was completed, on the pole was car number 72 driven by Lee Fleming from CA with a 1:09.3. He was followed by Greg Reinacker, Kim Knapp and Seainn Hendricsen. At the drop of the green flag Reinacker got a good jump on Fleming only to be over taken between turns one and two. Fleming from there just checked out from the rest of the field. There was a battle for 2nd through 6th for the first couple of laps until Reinacker and Knapp drove away from the rest of the field. Hendricsen dropped out with brake problems in the opening laps. During the rest of the race there where battle for almost every position. In the closing laps Reinacker spun during an attempt to pass Knapp in the transition between turns 2 and 3, clinching second place for Knapp. The top four were Fleming, Knapp, Williams and Reinacker. Ed Raby had a great drive to 3rd after losing his tail, but was disqualified during post race inspection for being under weight. Fleming turned in the fastest time with a 1:09.668 at 78.027 mph..

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LaRue drivers win RMDiv awards
Saturday, December 01, 2001 - Denver, CO

LaRue Motorsports drivers grabbed several valued awards tonight at the Rocky Mountain SCCA divisional/regional awards banquet. Among the awards were:

Steve Ott - division champion, followed by Kim Knapp (2nd), Steve Stansfield (3rd), and Nikki LaRue (4th).

Greg Reinacker - regional champion, followed by Bob Orr (2nd), and Nikki LaRue and Steve Stansfield (tied for 3rd).

Nikki LaRue - most improved national driver of the year. Joined by Tony Rivera as most improved regional driver.

And special recogition was given to the LaRue family, with the Les Gaylord Family Award, which is given to the family that contributed the most to the region.

Congratulations to all!


Kim Knapp wins two at Spring Mountain
Sunday, November 18, 2001 - Spring Mountain, Pahrump, NV
Story courtesy Kim Knapp

Saturday’s race found Marty Williams on the pole at the beginning of the race. During the race, the lead changed several times with Dan Spaethe moving up after taking advantage of Knapp’s overcooking of the slow left-right at the end of the 2nd straight. Gradually, Knapp started moving up closer until he was able to pass Spaethe and Williams to take the lead about 5 laps from the end. About three laps from the end, after lapping new driver Don Edwards, Marty and Dan came together, moving Humphreys into 2nd and Raby into 3rd and ending any chance of them catching Knapp. Raby got around Humphreys and the final results were:

Kim Knapp (1:51.963)
Ed Raby
Johnny Humphreys
Kyle Kelley
Marty Williams 1:51.846 (fastest lap of race)
David Rice
Don Edwards
Dan Spaethe

Sunday’s qualifying times came down from Sat as the drivers became more familiar with the new course. New 16 yr old driver, Kyle Kelley, showed that his fast times on Saturday were not a fluke by qualifying right up there with the more seasoned drivers:

Knapp 1:50.368
Spaethe 1:51.595
Humphreys 1:51.598
Kelley 1:51.734
Raby 1:51.759
Rice 1:54.929
Edwards 2:00.837

The race started with everyone getting a fair start and going through the first turns in the same order as they qualified. The leader, Knapp, was pressed by Spaethe in the first few laps and then started pulling away, setting a new lap record of 1:50.752 during the process and finishing the race a full straightaway ahead of the 2nd place finisher, Dan Spaethe. Raby moved up and started putting the pressure on Johnny Humphreys until Johnny made a mistake and Raby got by. Although Humphreys pushed hard to get his position back, Raby managed to hold on to finish 3rd. Kelley played a conservative race to make sure he finished, as his main goal for the weekend was to take another step towards getting his National license. Expect to see some good results from this young driver in the coming months!

The results of Sunday’s race:

Knapp 1:50.752 (fastest lap and lap record)


Hendricsen wins second straight at Phoenix
Sunday, November 11, 2001 - Phoenix Intl Raceway, Goodyear, AZ
Story courtesy Greg Reinacker

Another beautiful day at Phoenix International Raceway found Greg Reinacker (Highlands Ranch, CO) on the pole with a 1:10.084. Next to him on the front row was Craig Reeder (Scottsdale, AZ) with a 1:10.261, and Seainn Hendricsen rounded out the top 3 with a 1:10.368. Reinacker got a good start, leading the first 3 laps before giving way to Hendricsen in lap 4. Reeder got his nose inside Reinacker in turn 2 in lap 5 to move into 2nd position.

In lap 9, Reeder and Hendricsen were side-by-side going into turn 1. A controversial incident caused Reeder to spin, and Reinacker had to drive off the track to avoid him. Reinacker re-joined the race in 9th position, and Reeder retired with suspension problems.

Now in 2nd and 3rd positions were Karl Flessa (Tucson, AZ) and Johnny Humphreys (Veradale, WA). Humphreys made a classic pass in turn 9 to move into 2nd position on lap 11, and help this position for the remainder of the race. The top 3 finishers were Hendricsen, Humphreys, and Flessa.

For the second consecutive day, Reinacker had the fast lap of the race, this time with a 1:10.536.

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Hendricsen wins close race at Phoenix
Saturday, November 10, 2001 - Phoenix Intl Raceway, Goodyear, AZ
Story courtesy Greg Reinacker

The race started with beautiful weather; clear skies, and the temperature in the mid-80's. Craig Reeder (Scottsdale, AZ) was on the pole with a 1:10.3, followed by Seainn Hendricsen (Glendale, AZ) with a 1:10.6 and Greg Reinacker (Highlands Ranch, CO) with a 1:10.8. Hendricsen got a great start with his brand-new motor, leading into the first turn and holding this lead for 3 laps. Hendricsen, Reeder, and Reinacker ran nose to tail, with Hendricsen and Reeder trading the lead 7 times in the first 13 laps. In lap 14, Reinacker took advantage of a small mistake by Reeder to move into 2nd. Despite many exciting moments in traffic, the finishing order remained Hendricsen, Reinacker, and Reeder. Kyle Kelley (Huntington Beach, CA) moved up the most positions, starting 14th and finishing 11th. Reinacker had the fast lap of the race, with a 1:10.509.

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Craig Reeder takes second consecutive win
Sunday, October 07, 2001 - Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
Story courtesy John Dunn

For the second straight day, the largest field (15 cars) of the day took to the grid for the 20 lap race led by first-time polesitter Greg Reinacker. Reinacker led the first 3 laps before giving way in Turn 1 to Paul deAlva. DeAlva led a nose-to-tail string of 5 cars for the next 4 laps before getting off-line in the backstretch “esses” and dropped to 3rd. Reinacker went back to the lead for 1 lap before giving way to Craig Reeder in Turn 1. Reeder led the rest of the way to the finish and captured his 2nd win of the weekend. Reinacker had a great race and finished in 2nd place…only 0.5 seconds behind Reeder! The top 5 finishers were Reeder, Reinacker, deAlva, John Dunn, and Bernie Weber. Weber ran 4th for much of the race before tangling with deAlva in the carousel and dropped to 5th. The fast lap of the race was set by Reeder on lap 10 with a blazing time of 1:05.740!


Craig Reeder wins from Pole at Firebird Raceway
Saturday, October 06, 2001 - Firebird Raceway, Chandler, AZ
Story courtesy John Dunn

Under threatening skies, the largest field of the day (16 cars) took to the grid for the 1st 25 lap race of the day. Craig Reeder, Scottsdale, AZ, won the pole position by just .009 seconds over John Dunn, Littleton, CO. Paul deAlva, Phoenix, AZ, had a great start from inside row two and went to the lead exiting Turn 1. DeAlva led for the first 6 laps before ending his race by having his right rear wheel come free heading into the backstretch “esses”. Craig Reeder, after dropping to 4th at the start, fought his way back and assumed the lead from deAlva and led the rest of the way to take the win. Greg Reinacker, Highlands Ranch, CO, started 3rd and battled Reeder three-fourths of the race to finish 2nd by just 2.5 seconds. Dunn finished a distant 3rd. Bernie Weber, Phoenix, AZ had a good race, running 3rd much of the way before retiring with a failed alternator on lap 18. The top 5 finishers were Reeder, Reinacker, Dunn, Johnny Humphreys, Spokane, WA, and Reid Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ. The fastest race lap was set by Reeder with a 1:06.352 on lap 8.


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