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When you rent a Spec Racer Ford from LaRue Motorsports, all you have to do is show up at the track - we take care of the rest.  It's known in the industry as "Arrive & Drive."

We will fit the car to you, prepare it for the track, and maintain the car as necessary between sessions.  Tires and all other necessary items will be provided as part of the rental.

Rental cars are available for any of the events on our schedule, subject to availability.  We can also attend other events at your request, if our schedule allows.  Please contact us as far in advance as possible, to ensure we can have a car ready for you.


  • $900/day - any event on our published schedule.  For other events, transportation charges may apply, depending on the location; typically, tracks near our facilities in Colorado and Arizona will not incur extra transportation charges.
  • 10% discount for 3 or more consecutive days at an event.  For example, if you do a test day on Friday before a 2-day race weekend, you would get 10% off the entire 3 days.

Discounts are also available for individuals wishing to rent a car for multiple events in a season.  Please contact us for specifics on your request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need a racing license to rent a car from you?

A: You can rent a car for an open track day, or a non-sanctioned test day, without a racing license.  However, if you wish to participate in a SCCA or NASA sanctioned test day or race, you will need the appropriate license or permit.

Q: I've never driven a race car.  Is that a problem?

A: Not a problem!  We'd love to welcome you into the sport of auto racing.  What we would suggest is that you contact us, and we make an appointment for an open test day at a track that is typically not crowded.  In Colorado, Second Creek Raceway is usually a good venue for this.  We will work with you, drive you around the track with an experienced driver, give you some pointers to get started, and help you throughout the day.

Q: Do I need to have a helmet, racing suit, gloves, etc.?

A: Generally, yes.  However, if you contact us in advance, we may be able to loan you these items.

Q: What happens if I crash the car?

A: You are responsible for all on-track damage done to the car, other than minor wear-and-tear items.

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